Chongqing real estate Career Academy - 重庆房地产职业学院


Chongqing real estate Career Academy

 Chongqing real estate professional college was established in 1984, formerly known as Chongqing Science and technology university education, by Chongqing University retired older workers association was founded, in 2001 with the approval of the Ministry of education to establish Chongqing Bayu vocational and technical college, 2005 by the Chongqing Ou Peng Industrial Co., Ltd. invested and held, 2008 changed its name for the Chongqing Institute of real estate. College is by          Chongqing University and the Chongqing newopen group according to the mixed ownership model of the formation of institutions of higher education, unit in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, is a non-profit non corporate units.
Since it was founded 30 years ago has cultivated 2.4 million for the real estate and related industries of high-quality technical personnel, to promote the city's economic construction and social development made a positive contribution. Private colleges and universities in Chongqing city only a municipal model (backbone) vocational college construction project unit, the only one independent settings for new urbanization construction real estate projects in higher vocational colleges, Chongqing city "real estate enterprise talent resource base construction", "Chongqing city college graduates job attachment base", "Chongqing City College Graduates directional employment training base", "training of migrant workers in Chongqing city skill designated agencies", President of Chongqing City real estate enterprises, manager of the Huangpu training camp training base, "real estate marketing division" training base. The two Chongqing City College Graduates Employment Guidance Service Award, is a "safe campus" school "moral character" School of Chongqing private vocational colleges only "governing by law" demonstration school, higher vocational colleges in Chongqing city and Chongqing city "construction of University Charter pilot school, Chongqing city is focusing on the China Real Estate Association units of the agreement.
9076 College of the existing full-time students in school, covers an area of 818 acres, 33.87 million square meters of building area, teaching and scientific research administration with real 18.7 million square meters; teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment worth 1.04 billion yuan; library 75.68 million copies. 526 existing full-time teachers, with 162 senior professional technical position of full-time teachers, including 21 professors; with postgraduate degree of full-time teachers 209.
Thirty years of development, rooted in the fertile soil of Bayu, rapid like the surging river, private education benchmark and example, shoulder to shoulder top universities, chasing the dream of the University of China real estate, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, singing forward.

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